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Diagnostics and Repair

We perform hardware and software diagnostics, recommend appropriate solutions and provide service estimates.

Data Recovery

We specialize in recovering customer files, pictures, email and financial data from crashed computer systems. We have experience in recovering data from damaged and re-formatted hard drives.

System Recovery

Once we have recovered data files we can also perform a fresh installation of your Operating System (Windows 10). Program files and device drivers are reinstalled and your data restored to its original and proper location. Please note that Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft.

Upgrade Evaluation

Consultation and diagnostic service to determine what hardware upgrade is possible and how much this will cost for such items as memory, additional hard drives as well as upgrade to newer software and/or operating system.

We can perform upgrades to both the hardware as well as the software on your computer as needed.

Purchasing & Acquisition

We provide consultation and assistance with the purchasing process. This way our customers receive computer equipment best suited to their needs without the impact of a high pressure sales pitch. The advice that we provide is objective, reflects our experiences and is always given in good faith. We frequently help our customers save money to get really good value for their investment.

Post Purchase Assistance

Computer and Software set up as well as file transfer from old to new computer equipment.

Virus Removal

We have the tools to remove damaging virus infections, spyware intrusions, worms and other threatening forms of malware.

Firewalls, Virus & Spyware protection

We have the expertise and experience to provide accurate information regarding the deployment and use of appropriate security tools.

Database Design

We are very familiar with database design and have developed multiple database environments over the last 35 years. We are very familiar with Access and using Excel as a data gathering tool

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