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We hope you find the following Frequently Ask Questions useful.

When you are sending images to be used on a website or for an email, please use the following format.

  • Naming Conventions
    • When sending files, please follow these conventions.
      • name-of-work.jpg
        e.g. qualicum-beach.jpg 
      • All lower case
      • Use hyphens between words, no spaces or underscores
      • Do NOT use # $ * & @ ‘ % : / \ ? ! ; All these characters have special meaning.
  • Image Size and Resolution
    • Send photos in .jpg or .png format please as attachments (1920px wide @ 188dpi is preferred).
    • Do not embed them in your document or email.

During Storms, Wind or Lightning, we strongly recommend shutting down valuable electronics and then disconnecting surge protector from the power supply. Read a book and wait out the storm.

BC Hydro has an excellent web page on how to prepare for Power Outages

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